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Are you open on holidays?
Absolutely! We are open every single day of the year, and we’re open 24 hours a day!
What constitutes a pet emergency?
The common emergencies we see are:

  • Severe bleeding or bleeding that doesn’t stop within 5 minutes
  • Choking, difficulty breathing or nonstop coughing and gagging
  • Bleeding from nose, mouth, rectum, coughing up blood, or blood in urine
  • Inability to urinate or pass feces (stool), or obvious pain associated with urinating or passing stool
  • Injuries to your pet’s eye(s)
  • You suspect or know your pet has eaten something poisonous (such as antifreeze, xylitol, chocolate, rodent poison, etc.)
  • Seizures and/or staggering
  • Fractured bones, severe lameness or inability to move leg(s)
  • Obvious signs of pain or extreme anxiety
  • Heat stress or heatstroke
  • Severe vomiting or diarrhea – more than 2 episodes in a 24-hour period, or either of these combined with obvious illness or any of the other problems listed here
  • Refusal to drink for 24 hours or more
  • Unconsciousness

If your pet’s in pain after hours, it’s important to call us so that we may assess the situation with you.

Where are you located?
We are located at 5363 Peters Creek Rd NW, Roanoke, VA 24019. You can also click the link below to get immediate directions.

Click here for directions.

Do you recommend any resources that I should keep on hand?
We have the following helpful links that be of help in an urgent situation:

What payment options do you accept?

Our Staff will keep you apprised of your pet’s condition and the charges that may be incurred. You will be given detailed estimates for the cost of treatment during your stay. Full payment is required when services are rendered. For your convenience, we accept cash, Care Credit, Scratchpay, and all major credit cards. We apologize, but we cannot bill you for services rendered. Please note: we no longer accept checks as payment.

We know veterinary care can be expensive. Full payment of services is still required at EVS at the time of service.

We are open every day of the year, 24 hours a day.


5363 Peters Creek Rd NW
Roanoke, VA 24019
Click here for directions.

Contact Info

Phone: 540-563-8575
Email: evsroanoke@gmail.com
Hours: Open 24/7/365!
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If you are in the middle of an emergency situation, please call us directly at 540-563-8575. If you have a question, you can complete the form below and a member of our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.