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Your kind words mean so much to us.
We know a visit to the emergency vet is never a calm moment, but we very much appreciate your kind words and support. Your pet’s health means the world to us.
Our 15 year old dog started having seizures one night. We took her to EVS in the morning when she continued to have them. The staff was incredible on the phone when we called ahead for advice and again when we arrived. They were incredibly kind and understanding when we had to put her to sleep. We couldn’t have asked for a better group to help us through such an incredibly tough time. We are so thankful!
Katie S.

I can’t begin to thank you guys, our pup Otis had been sick for a while, we knew what we were going to have but didn’t want to. He had been a big part of our family. Sunday morning May 22 we brought him over and made the decision to put him down, the compassion that was shown by Dr. Brunk was awesome help us get through the situation. The aids were fantastic. Thank you all very much Ray, Tabitha, Laken & Evan Dunn.

William D.

Late one Saturday night our beagle developed a hernia so large in her abdomen she could not walk. Visiting from out of town we were referred to EVS. Yes, we had to wait several hours but she was rushed into surgery in the middle of the night. We were kept in constant contact regarding her condition. Fortunately, she came through surgery just fine and after a few days, we were able to return to Pennsylvania. Through the whole stressful ordeal, I felt my pet was in very capable hands. She was given excellent care and lots of love!

I never got to meet the Drs. face to face, but I thank them from the bottom of my heart!

Kathleen N.

When our Keeshond Scarlet suddenly developed loss of rear leg function late Saturday evening, I knew we were in serious trouble! Luckily Dr. Brunk and her team were able to see Scarlet on very short notice. Scarlet was quickly and lovingly attended to and I’ve no doubt everything possible was done on Scarlet’s behalf. We lost our Scarlet. Dr. Brunk stayed with us until the very end; offering solace and reassurance every step of the way. Words cannot express my gratitude for the way I and my little family were cared for. Going above and beyond only begins to tell the story.
Barry F.

The first time having to visit an emergency vet, and would definitely use them again. Wilbert, our Jack Russell Terrier, got very sick very quickly. Read the online reviews, and they were all true. They checked out Wilbert treated him at the clinic, and sent him home with medication to make him better. Randy, the vet, talked to us explained what to do, and the very next day, he was feeling a lot better. Thanks to all the staff, and I would definitely recommend an emergency veterinary clinic again. Thanks for helping Wilbert get better.
Marvin H.

I just want to say thank you to all the staff here. You guys have made a difference in many families and especially mine. I came here to bring a puppy for help that was critically injured. I called ahead of time and they knew I was coming. Right when I got there they gave us assistance right away as I was a nervous wreck. The outcomes weren’t looking very good for this puppy. But with all the tests you guys ran and all the treatments y’all could figure out to do for him he is now so much better. He can now walk. He is healed all the way now and acts like a puppy should. I’m so blessed to have such a great team in the Roanoke valley. again thank y’all for all y’all do. We surely do appreciate it.
Alexis H.

We brought our dog in after he had had surgery at our local vet. The surgery had turned out to be more extensive than we anticipated. Our vet thought it was a good idea to have him medicated and monitored overnight. The staff at emergency veterinary services was outstanding. They had very little notice we were coming in for the night. But they treated us like they had been expecting us. My daughter and I stayed in the waiting room overnight because we had had a previous bad experience with one of our pets. The staff understood our concerns and allowed us to visit with him several times during the night. He came home the next morning rested, hydrated, and ready to begin his lengthy recovery. The care he received was excellent. We, too, saw a couple of very severe cases come in while we were there. Their calmness and efficiency was remarkable. We are very thankful and would highly recommend them.
Liz B.

Luckily my first ever visit to an ER vet in my many years of being owned by cats. The staff was extremely kind and caring; the facility clean. Roanoke is fortunate to have 24/7 pet care available for emergencies. Yes it might have cost more but I am grateful these wonderful people are available on holidays and during the night. Thanks!
Judith C.

The staff was wonderful this past month with Diamond and Tilly. It’s never fun going to the emergency room for your pets but everyone there was so caring and kind. Thank you EVS!
Hannah S.

I brought my cat here this past weekend because his condition suddenly worsened. I did have to put him down that night, sadly. The office was very, very busy while I was there. There was emergency surgery happening and multiple critical patients that came in. They allowed me to visit with my cat in a private room until the vet was able to update me on my cat’s condition. The vet (Dr. Brunk) was very straight forward and caring. I really appreciate everyone taking time out of their very busy night to comfort me and allow me time with my cat prior to his passing. Thank you so much to everyone who helped care for him in his last hours of life.
Cara T.

I am so very thankful for EVS. I’ve had to take many animals here over the years for a variety of ailments. The staff and veterinarians at EVS are always very professional and compassionate and I am so appreciative to have a 24 hour emergency vet in our area!
Juilie R.

I took my baby boys in on Sunday because they were throwing up and not eating or pottying. It turned out to be an infection in the incision site from a recent neutering. The place was extremely busy as I knew it would be on a weekend. There were several real emergencies that came in that I knew would push me back. I don’t know how these ladies and gentlemen do it. I had to take myself outside several times to cry because of seeing people having to make that horrible decision to put their babies down. I did not feel like we were there too awful long considering the situations that were presented to them.

But the most important thing they knew what to do for my babies and they are already showing improvement.

I just want to say thanks to a great experience and to the staff.

Lisa W.

Great folks and great service. So professional and reassuring.

Mark H.

Fantastic staff. Took great care of our Dixie and kept us informed on every step of treatment. We are so thankful!
Andrew R.

I don’t even know where to start. My best friend Benning had quite the long stay here. The staff was always kind to me. They took outstanding care of Benning. They went above and beyond. His prognosis wasn’t the best but they never gave up on him. They genuinely cared about not only about Benning but about his family. Never made my visits feel rushed even though I visited multiple times a day. Never made me feel out of place. Never made me feel not welcomed. Their care and passion played a huge part in his healing. Every “Dogtor” provided amazing care and had wonderful knowledge. Each took the time to talk to me every time I was there. Dr. Brunk went above and beyond when she performed his surgery. Every staff member was knowledgeable. I cannot thank them enough for the love and amazing care they provided. If your best furry friend needs emergency care this is the place you want them to be. 
Brittany R.

I have an elderly, cantankerous cat who became sick over the weekend. He had not ever been to the vet nor had he been out of my house for 11 years. I found EVS on the web and headed up there. They were wonderful!! They took care of Chilli, ran tests, figured out what was wrong and I picked him up and he is doing great!! Thank you so much!
Kimberly P.

My dog was having an allergic reaction hives, vomiting no respiratory distress . So I called , Katheryn answered phone. She was amazing she ask a few questions and said hold on . She very quickly came back to call, told she spoke with vet and told me to give my dog a 25mg Benadryl. She said it should take about an hour for relief . If it didn’t help I was to call her back. Exactly 45-1hr passed and my pup calmed down hives were still there but they were going away.
Dana G.

First of all I would like to say thank you for everything. Having to put Scottie to rest right after Christmas was definitely not in our plans, but you guys made it a little easier. Thank you. We decided that we wanted our fur baby cremated separately with the cremation paw print. It was everything we could ever want for our fur babies send off and the pouch of his hair made it even more special. Everything was perfect from the difficult situation to saying our last goodbye. Thank you. You guys truly went above and beyond. P.S I traveled from Lynchburg and it was completely worth it.
Kimberly W.

Just wanted to thank the team. I had adopted an older cat and only had him for 2 weeks. Noticed a lot of issues that others missed. The doctor was amazing and gave my little guy so much care and attention. Sadly I chose to let the old man Rest In Peace and the team was so compassionate to me and my old guy. They loved on him and made sure he wasn’t alone and that I can never repay. Thank you so much for what you do.
Ryker A.

Everyone was great when my 15yr Dalmatian got hit by a truck. Everyone we had contact with had a great attitude and a smile. We were kept updated even at 1 am on his condition.
Frank B.

I’ve brought several cats to EVS over the years and they’ve always received extraordinary care. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I appreciate each and every one of you and I thank God there’s a facility such as this available.
Freda E.

Such kind hearted staff members doing a very tough job. Thank you for being there when we needed you the most. So grateful to have such caring hearts to take care of our fuzzy babies.
Susan M.

My two year old neutered,male,Tabby cat ! had a urinary blockage late at night, we called our normal vet (Brambelton Hospital) which recommended us to the EV. If it had not been for this amazing, caring and compassionate team of vet techs and doctors I believe we would have lost our little Harvey. With as rapid as is symptoms where showing we were lucky it was caught in time by this wonderful team here. Our Cat could not have waited for the morning to go to his normal vet. I am so relieved and thrilled that the EV is here and was able to help Harvey with everything. I can not say enough about how amazing the staff was, how well informed the staff was, and how kind they where when I called every few hours to get an updated. A huge thank you to all the staff here! you guys are wonderful!! and Thank you for saving Harvey!!
Elizabeth B.

My little foster kitten took a turn for the worst on Sunday. Sadly she was too sick to save but what a lovely staff at EVS. Thank you Dr Foster and staff for being so kind.
Mary L.

Excellent care before, during and after emergency surgery for GDV (bloat). All costs and procedures were well explained and they were patient and very communicative during my dog’s stay. I am so thankful that we have them here in the valley.
Cydney W.

EVS Staff are super! Dr Tran handled my pugs situation. I had to leave Ellie overnight but I was very confident in her ( Dr Tran). She eased my anxiety a great deal
Alex B.

Best experience I’ve had during an emergency. Yeah it took awhile but they were efficient caring and thorough. I got to take my girl home for one night before we had to let her go. Thank you for doing all you could.

Kathy H.

I dealt with the emergency vet service twice in 9 months. The staff was extremely nice. The most recent time I ended up putting down my 13 year old corgi. I never write reviews, but I felt like I should give a shout out to the staff and especially Dr. Gallagher. Even though they were busy, they let me visit my dog for the last time until I was ready. .I have had dogs all my life and never had a veterinarian show as much compassion as Dr. Gallagher. They made a bad situation bearable for me. Thank You.

Lisa P.

Our cat started having seizures and as soon as we got there he was taken back. The vets here were terrific in taking care of him and explaining things to me as much as I needed. Costs were up front, no surprises. I wouldn’t hesitate returning, heaven forbid we have to.
Nattie S.

There are truly not words expressive enough to convey my gratitude to these amazing people. The genuine kindness and compassion I have been shown over the last couple of days while dealing with my baby’s collapsed trachea has moved me to tears. I just can’t fathom how anyone could write a bad review of this place! People complaining about wait times and prices…this is an ER, folks. Do you expect to be in and out of a Carilion ER? Why would you expect different at this ER?

My sincerest thanks to this amazing crew, as they are currently caring for my sweet Oscar until he can get into VT for surgery. Although leaving without him breaks my heart, knowing he is in your capable and caring hands brings me so much comfort. Thank you, friends.

Liane C.

Yesterday I came to the EVS of Roanoke with my mother. Her 10 year old Lab was acting unusual. As we tried to get him out of the car they came rushing out to help and got a stretcher to help us get him inside. They rushed him back to get him checked out and kept my mother in the loop every step of the way. They also were up front with the price of everything so there were no hidden charges. Unfortunately, my mother had to put her sweet dog down bc of cancer. The staff at this facility were caring and thoughtful. I can’t thank them enough for everything they did for her yesterday.

Kari A.

I have taken a 2 pets to EVS in the last few years. Each visit I was treated with compassion by all staff members, given explanations and pricing every step of the way. Thank you Dr Gallagher and Dr Tran along with staff for helping my pets Zach and Lilly. I ALWAYS know they are in great hands when going here.
Sabrinia H.

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